February 2018

Affordable Housing Update

Information provided by members of the community and K Lilburn at our CC meeting on 29th January 2018 has  been superseded by Ms Birrell the new Chief Executive Officer of Rural Stirling Housing Association in her email to the BCC dated 14th February 2018.

  • In general, the main project proposals have not changed since the last update from Tony Teasdale.
  • The project is currently with planning for determination and has been for over a year now.  We expect a planning hearing to be held towards the end of March. Date of hearing to be set by Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park Authority (LLTNPA) yet to be confirmed.
  • We have been working very positively with both SEPA and SW and now have three main options for the drainage on this project.  I’ve listed the options we’re working through below and whilst work has been carried out on these and we are confident they could all work in their own right;
    • Option A: Connect to Scottish Water’s (SW) network once a Growth Project is completed. 
    • Option B: Determine an interim solution to treat waste on-site (to the satisfaction of SW) and then connect to the public network. 
    • Option C: Treat on-site then discharge directly to the neighbouring loch (with approval from SEPA).

A Growth Project could take around 5 years from formal initiation of the growth project (by Scottish Water) but could be longer depending on approvals etc.  We are therefore  in discussion with Scottish Water about technical solutions that will allow us to build and connect the houses before the growth project is complete. Our initial discussions indicate that there is a likely solution that will allow us to connect the houses to Scottish Waters existing system, to Scottish Water and SEPA’s approval. We are working with Scottish Water on detailed technical assessments for this option. We will not be able to progress the detail of these until we have the confidence of having planning permission.